Quinn, Mary

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    Tells the story of a sick sailor who landed in Georgetown and walked seven miles to Mary's house. They took him in and called Dr. McCarron. They also contacted a priest, and the sailor only lived a short time.
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    Speaks of a ghost story about a dead man by the barn.
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    Talks about cold storage area on the North side of the house... to keep diary and other perishables.
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    Talks about her time as a student in a one room school and her time as a school teacher.
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    Discusses local Irish names: Cluney/Clooney, Rice, Ryan, Flynn, Roach, Murphy, Landry, Hughes
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    Recalls t St. Patrick's Day celebrations (concerts, plays, card-playing). There was a lot of visiting and house parties. Speaks about her cousin Merlin Flynn who played violin, along with his ten year son.
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    Tape Ends